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Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

Terms of use of Purple Saurus gift vouchers

The Purple Saurus reserves the right to update and change the terms and conditions of our Purple Saurus gift vouchers at any time. Use of your Purple Saurus gift voucher constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, and therefore we recommend you read them carefully.

The value of your Purple Saurus gift voucher can be redeemed at all markets and events at which we are present as stallholders. They are currently not redeemable online.

If the value of your Purple Saurus gift voucher is above the amount you wish to spend, we will be happy to write out another gift voucher for the remaining balance for you to use at a later date, e.g, if you have a £30 gift voucher but only spend £10, we will write out another voucher for the remaining £20. (Please note the expiry date will remain the same as that of the original gift voucher, so this cannot be used to extend the period of validity.) Your Purple Saurus gift voucher cannot be used to purchase other Purple Saurus gift vouchers.


Your Purple Saurus gift voucher is valid for 12 months from date of purchase – the expiry date will be written on the voucher at time of purchase. Purple Saurus gift vouchers are not redeemable online, or at any other stockists of Purple Saurus products. Your gift voucher is redeemable at any market or event where we are present as stallholders. You can find details of all the events that we will be attending on the Events page.


In the event your gift voucher is lost or stolen, The Purple Saurus are unable to replace the gift voucher or reimburse the value of the gift voucher - please keep it safe!