Adorable Soft Toys for Everyone!

Adorable soft toys for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your toys CE tested? Absolutely! Each plush comes with a Purple Saurus label sewn in which has the CE logo clearly displayed. I have all my CE documentation safely tucked away in its own file. Each seam is also sewn twice for extra strength, although this is not a requirement.
  • Are your toys baby safe? ​Toys which have entirely embroidered or appliqued facial features, and no polypellets to weigh them down (e.g my Tortoise or Lamb plushies) are entirely baby safe, as they have no small parts =) Other toys, such as my Penguin plush, are not baby safe due to the polypellets and plastic safety eyes and/or noses. Although these small parts are entirely secured and strong, the toy safety directive requires me to label them as not suitable for children under 3 years as a precautionary measure.
  • Do you take commissions? I certainly do! Get in touch and I will see if I can fulfill your request =)
  • Where do you get your patterns? I source my patterns from a variety of talented pattern makers. You can find links to some of their websites here!
  • Do you ship internationally? Yes I do! I only have certain countries listed in my Etsy shop as international shipping is expensive, but if you're in Europe and your country isn't listed, just ask =)